Hunters of the Fallen

Chapter 3 session 3

Head from Bills Festhall, through Waymoot, Beryllium caught up with the group at Waymoot.

Met up with a Stone Giant as crossing the mountain pass to the Marsh of Tun, who was barring the way and demanding tribute. The heroes gave their swords as tribute.
During the 6 seconds that the giant stayed on its feet, Valen arrived and contributed his blades to the giant as well.
Carried on riding through heavy rain, Artemis very kindly conjured a Tensers disc for Bill to keep him dry and the heroes made camp eventually, just as the sun was beginning to rise and they’d crossed the mountains and were on their way back down.
The rain continued through the dawn, despite the weather, Beryll took down a Mountain goat and skinned it so that when the rest woke they’d have some hot meat inside them.
As the heroes breakfasted, Bob did her squirely duties of packing up the canvas and all kit and getting the group ready for the road again.
They made it to the edge of the Marsh in the early afternoon, and headed straight in without pause into the mist that lay heavy on the marshes.
Valen stopped the group as he could see up ahead some kind of camp, Artemis announced that he would check out the camp, and after casting a few spells to aid him (fly and invisibility) went to investigate.
He came back to report a tribe of lizardfolk, in a rough encampment, who were in the middle of some kind of funeral rites as they appeared to have recently come under attack. Heading to the encampment to investigate the group attempted to parlay, but as the Lizardfolk chieftain threw a spear in challenge, Beryllium tried to intercept it with his own, missing it by a large enough motion that it was seen as a challenge.
With Artemis flying above the party, surrounded in light, the rest of the Lizardfolk had no stomach for the fight, and watched as their chieftain attacked the ‘god’ as he referred to Beryllium.
Besting the chieftain with ease, the shaman took the heroes to where the shadow-ones had gone choosing the disgraced and badly wounded chieftain as a bodyguard.
He stopped, and refused to go any further as up ahead was an unnaturally dark dome ahead.



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