Hunters of the Fallen

Chapter 3 session 4

At base camp Artemis ascertains Shadow magic, but can’t locate direction or purpose
Set off to node 14
Node, darkness all around
Obelisk 15 sided with arcane runes, Artemis unsure on detail but confident that this is generating the darkness.
Aldrick tapped with hammer, began humming which eventually died off.
Aldrick stayed to investigate the obelisk.
Lake – blood in water, clear 5 foot deep.
All very wary of it, Valen sticks fingers in seems just to be water.
Beryllium produced a broom stick from his glove and flew across to the island.
The Ziggurat is on an flat island, in the centre of the lake. Nothing is around except for grass, and there is a glass dome at the top.

Beryll flies back and reports that the Ziggurat is approx 200ft with a dome at the top on an island in the centre of the Death Lake, there is deeper water further out.
Artemis cast levitate, all roped and dragged across by Beryllium and his broom.
Bill notices on the way over that there are no signs of life in the lake at all.
As the heroes arrive on the Island, Valen has a look around for any prints and finds approximately 30 sets of prints, heading to steps and straight up and appear to have been here between 12 and 18 hours ago.
At the top all see the dome, with lights in the glass that Bill and Artemis confirm appear to match constellations with cracks in it. Floor below the dome about 15 feet down.
Some prints go down the other steps and back up, presumably as the earlier landers were looking for an entrance in. Bill also spots dried blood on the floor below.
Beryll teleports in, from up above Beryll appears to be noticeably smaller and from in the room the three stood around the top appear magnified and then all hell breaks loose.
Beryll throws a spear killing a Mutant Ape instantly – which howls in pain, this howl appears to incense the other apes.
Artemis investigates dome looking for way in.
Apes climb up and swarm around him angered from howling.

Bill shouts encouragement, Artemis eats pasties.
Gliders (black ones) climb out attacking Beryll with flyby attacks they stand approx 6 foot.

Bill heals Beryll.
Guardians who look to be about 12 foot (Rusty ones) attack Beryll from range.
Valen teleports down – massive damage with Crit on one guardian, nearly bloodied.
Beryll dragon breath – Guardians immune to Electricity, moves attacks both guardians and provokes AOO.
Artemis burst 2 – winged horde – 4 apes down, remaining 3 in a frenzy.
Apes hit Beryll, Gliders attack Valen
Bill Teleports in attacking a glider for 40 odd
Guardian attacks Valen, even though marked other guardian attacks Beryll and hits.
Valen finishes off the guardian with another Crit.
Beryll attacks guardian and follows through on the 2 apes, killing 1.
Artemis, (winged horde, or pasties?)
Ape attacks Beryll, misses (Bill does interrupt to allow Beryll to attack?)
Bill does the cunning plan Move round guardian, provoke (AOO hits, but the disorientation of the teleport causes it to miss) and use Driftmetal armour encounter power to teleport/swap places and avoid attack then complete move to gain flanking bonus. Miss with Reminiscent Assault
Guardian attacks Beryll, misses.
Valen moves to side of Beryll, kills Guardian with another crit.
Beryll charges glider, hits – it teleports and attacks him from behind.
Artemis, definite pasty moment.
Bill Move and Furious Assault glider, killing it before it can teleports behind him.
Valen attacks glider, howling griffon and Sohei flurry to kill it



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