Hunters of the Fallen

Chapter 3 - episode 1

Valen is once again roaming the forests of the North, in the area of the destroyed Hellgate Keep. As night approaches he begins to make camp not even thinking of the various traps he is setting around, as such routine has now become second nature to him.
As he sits over the small fire he has made a thin, yet well muscled figure steps into the light of the small camp fire.
Dressed in a long flowing cloak that at first glance would appear to be a hindrance in this dense woodland the face of the intruder is hidden beneath a large, overly flamboyant, fedora.
In his black skinned hands he carries a large battleaxe holding it forward in a non-threatening manner, presenting the hilt in Valens direction.
“Greetings Master Valen”
As he places the axe on the floor and sweeping his hat in an extravagant bow.
“I come to return one of your comrades weapons that somewhat absent-mindedly he appears to have left in the throne room of Hastor”

Valen instantly recognises the intruder as Jarlaxle
Within the blink of an eye, Valen is on his feet, reaching for his swords at his side
“give me one good reason why I should not skin you alive where you stand and use that axe to remove that deceitful head clean from your shoulders?”

Jarlaxle takes a step back and looks to the dark of the trees.
“I will do better than that, I will give you three good reasons” He holds his hands out, pointedly away from his own blades, and flashes what could pass as a disarming smile.
“Firstly, I mean you no harm, those that were employing my men and I, are no more. So I no longer have quarrel with you, and indeed you and your friends have shown yourselves to be capable indeed. With your destruction of the House Dlardrageth you saved my fellows and I from a rather cruel betrayal” he smiles again, flasing white teeth “It was one that would have impressed many a matron, so I thank you” He bows again “I am also willing to give you the location of the last few remaining members of that House, for free”
“Secondly, I come with a most dire warning for you and your fellow ‘Hunters’, I believe this is what you are calling yourselves now” He looks again to the trees, smirks and continues
“Finally, and perhaps of most import to you, my men have this encampent surrounded and their handbows trained at your throat. Formidable foe though you have shown yourself to be I doubt even you can stand up to us all”

He pauses, cocksure in himself, “So, now we’ve dispensed with the pleasantries… may I sit?”



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