Hunters of the Fallen


History of Faerun since 1372

Many climatic moments took place in this year. The Mythal surrounding Myth Drannor was broken by a combination of Demons, Fey-ri and with a substantial bit of meddling from the Zhentarim.
The Zhents managed to convince the forces of Sembia and the Dalelands that the Elves had deliberately done this, which led to war between humans and Elves. It was only thanks to a wise royal of Sembia that the deception was uncovered and jointly the humans and Elves drove back the demons.
Some sages believe that a brave band of adventurers were instrumental in driving back the forces of evil that arose in this year aided in part by a pit fiend. What this cost their souls has never been uncovered, though it is believed that they survived this encounter and lived happy and long lives in the most part.
The Rising Sun Isle is created in the middle of the Dragonmere, stories say that this was at the will of Lathander himself!
Morninglord Harwood begins construction of the Cathedral of Light on this new island.

DR1375 Cleansing of Myth Drannor was completed and the Elven Court was reestablished. In the desert of Anauroch, the shades returned which turned all eyes to the great wasteland.

DR 1376 Cormyr and the Dalelands began building a series of keeps on the borders of Anauroch in order to keep watch over the shades and protect the lands beyond.

DR 1381 The Elven court of Myth Drannor declared war upon Zhentil keep and the Zhentarim, in retaliation for the deception that nearly started a war between the humans and Elves. Construction of the Cathedral of Light is completed, and is the most majestic of temples in Faerun.

DR 1386 Zhentil keep is taken by the Elven court, and the Zhents are hunted. In the same year, the infant Azoun V comes of age and is crowned King of Cormyr.

DR 1387 The Fire Knives infiltrate the royal court of Cormyr and kill many of the leading nobles of Cormyr, including the regent Alusaiyr (think this is her correct name), Caladnei takes the new King into hiding.

DR 1392 Civil war erupts in Cormyr, as the nobles remaining and those nobles affiliated with the Fire Knives via for control of Cormyr. This later becomes known as the Abraxus Affair.

DR 1393 Seeing an opportuntity, Sembia begins a campaign against Cormyr in order to take over their lands.

DR 1395 Azoun V and Caladnei return from their exile of the Farsea Marshes leading an army of a ‘new’ race – the Dragonborn. While in hiding Caladnei and Azoun find the Purple Dragon in the alien glass structures deep in the Farsea marshes and he leads them to a chamber where an army of Dragonborn are in hiding.

DR1396 The Dragonborn under Azoun V push back the forces of Sembia and reclaim the lands of Cormyr for the crown again. Morninglord Harwood requests the assistance of Cormyr in ridding Westgate of the scourge of the Nightmasks and the Fireknives.

DR 1402 The Isle of the rising sun begins construction of a huge fleet of ships, paid for from the donations of countless pilgrims, and begins a clean-up campaign of the Pirate Isles.

DR 1408 First Red Wizard enclave allowed into Cormyr, they build a modest enclave outside the walls of Suzail.

DR 1411 Elminster and the Harpers make a pre-emptive strike against the shades of Anauroch, and are utterly destroyed. In retaliation the Shades unleash mighty destructive magic into the Dalelands, turning Shadowdale and Daggerdale into barren wastelands. All nations condemn the Harpers for their folly in attacking the Shades. As a result of this, the Bards of the realms become shunned.
The shades begin attacking any mage, or persons carrying magic into their realm.

DR 1428 The great desert that was Anauroch begins to become green again. In the same year a massed force of trolls, ettins and Giants emerge from the Trollmarsh and attack Waterdeep.

DR1435 Waterdeep finally strikes a bargain with the massed forces from the Troll marsh, and agrees to pay a yearly tithe to prevent any further attacks.

DR 1447 A drought strikes the Dalelands, the first of many, causing great suffering.

DR 1453 The Dragonborn are granted lands in the Dragon reach area and begin construction of their own City.

DR 1454 The Pirate Isles are cleared and are set up as a massive jail. Drow attack from underneath Myth Drannor, and take control, but only for 3 months before a combined force of Elves, Eladrin, Dragonborn and Humans retake the halls.

DR 1476 The Zhentarim reemerge, led by an unknown mage called Kerfoy in Vaasa.

DR 1498 a great fire rages through the forests in the dalelands, and it is only by powerful magic that it doesn’t burn up the entire forest. Demonic forces are suspected, but this is never confirmed.

DR1501 A wedding between the human king of Cormyr Azoun VI and the an Elven princess of court of Myth Drannor is announced. This is the current year.

This is the history up to the start of the original campaign, rest to be added



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