Aldrik Sternhammer

Dwarven Paladin of Moradin


Aldrik Sternhammer grew up in the shadows of his older brother and sister in their family tradition of a long line of paladins. He always excelled in his training and reading but it was never recognized or praised due to his younger years and not being as advanced as his elder siblings. This made him bitter to his brother and sister as they were always greeted with respect and praised for their achievements.

Aldrik spent many hours reading the doctrines of Moradin and decided to not follow in the footsteps of his family to protect the kingdom but as soon as he was old enough left his family and the Great Rift.

He believes he would get his family to notice him if he were to come back with some great magic he had created or found or started a new dwarven settlement/kingdom.

He has been away from his home for 2 years now, slowly moving around and has found himself in Waymoot looking for the next thing to move him along whether it is a rumour of a great dwarven crafter or uninhabitable mountain to tame.

Recently granted the ownership of the mine and lordship of the village of Stormont

Aldrik has firstly finished the temple to Moradin in Suzail before focusing his attentions on the land granted him, there he has expanded the mines and village encouraging dwarves from near and far to come live and help build a new dwarven settlement expanding the mine for the dwarves and the village for any other races who came to work or trade.

Aldrik Sternhammer

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