Artemis Vole

A rotund, Jolly, Gluttonous, Wizard of Excellent taste.


Artemis has grown quite bald, although he keeps his greying beard in good condition.

He has taken to wearing exclusively white, and favours flowing robes and wooden sandals.

Artemis is quick with a laugh and finds humour in all things. He is relaxed and happy in his new life, basking in the attention of his students and the company of other academics.

He smells of spices and wine. His cheeks carry a red glow, and his waste line is still expanding.

Artemis carries a staff in one hand. The wood is a dark, and it is topped with a white sphere that seems to contain mist. His other hand holds a handkerchief that he uses to mop perspiration from his face.


Artemis has retired from adventuring. The Hunters of the Fallen offered him opportunities and experiences that he didn’t look for but that he really quite enjoyed. Artemis is at his happiest when he has an audience, and loves to hold court, recounting stories of near death at the hands of the daemonfey. He has told these tales many times, and they get more fantastic each time. He strongly believes that he has led a long and successful life. It is time to enjoy his retirement.

Artemis has been granted some land in a beautiful semi-mountainous area near the coast, to the East of Suzail. There, he has begun the construction of the Vole Academy. Artemis has always been keen to pass on his skills to the next generation of wizards. He loved the teaching job at the court of Myth Drannor, and now spends his time lecturing young men in the ways of the craft.

The Vole academy is still under construction. It is an ambitious project, and will become one of the biggest teaching establishments in Cormyr. Artemis has finished the main tower, and it is lavish in the extreme. The room are decorated with white marble and climbing plants. There are fountains, statues and fine art. There is a courtyard that overlooks the ocean, and at its centre is a pool of water for recreational swimming. Artemis has surrounded him self with great academics and thinkers. The academy currently employs over 30 staff, each an expert in their chosen field. The academy encourages theatre and dance, and hosts an annual athletics competition. Artemis himself judges many of the events. He is very fond of wrestling.

The exterior wall is finished, as are the living quarters, lecture spaces and walled gardens. The only building that rivals the main atrium, with its columns and tigers, is the kitchen. Artemis has employed a troop of chefs, and spares no expense when it comes to sourcing ingredients and throwing banquets.

The next extensions to the Vole Academy will be the library and menagerie. Other future projects include the excavation of an extensive dungeon complex, an observatory and a theatre. Artemis has a private laboratory, and he has been using it to study the daemonfey. He has specimens both alive and dead, and has become something of an expert on their behaviours and anatomy. His other main project is the study of portals, and his experiences with The Hunters have resulted in a personal aim to create a working portal at the academy, and to use it for inter planar travel and the collection of creature and plants from far off lands.

Artemis has tried to stay in touch with the Hunters of the Fallen. He is keen to invite them to the Vole Academy when it is finished, to show off what he has created. He rarely travels now, content in the all male sanctuary that he has made for himself. He spends his days teaching, researching new magics and creating new spells. He has taken up dance, and singing.

He remains, as ever, very fond of pudding.


Artemis Vole, a middle aged Human Magician and Teacher, born of middle class parents. Currently under the employ of the court of Myth Drannor, Artemeis has worked as a teacher of history and combat magic for the last 12 years. He specialises in the education of young nobles and tutors them in etiquette, taste, history and the use of basic magic in combat. These are areas in which Atemeis will claim complete mastery. Although he talks frequently of the glorious use of magic in battle, he as never faught himself, and has always stayed back with the women and children. He has grown a little pompous and more than a little fat over the years. He is, at times, greedy, and a master at the art of self preservation.

Artemis can be manipulative and hides a keen mind behind a joyful and breezy exterior. He has won many powerful friends over the years and has taught the children of many of the great and the good. It is one of these contacts that instigated his recent troubles.

Called to a secret meeting, Artemeis was sworn to secrecy and given a disturbing mission. He was to be one of three trusted scholars, to be known as the Triumvirate. A Physician, a Cleric and a Teacher. The three were sent away from the comforts of the castle, on a seemingly impossible task.

Artemis has no children of his own, and cares little for women. His loves are food and gold. Comfort and peace. Prosperity and civilisation. Literature and pudding.

He is currently escorting Alusair Val-Kayar, an elven princess, and ensuring that she is well cared for on the road to Suzail. He is ill at ease with young women, but is attempting to educate her to the best of his ability.

Artemis Vole

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