Dragon Born Fighter


Beryllium trained as a soldier in Cormyr where he met Butcher Bill whilst he (Beryllium) was in the academy where they both became friends.
Once Beryllium had served his time and was passed out of the academy he decided to join Bill in his adventures and became one of the Hunters of the Fallen.
The Hunters decided to go their separate ways after the incident with the children, this is Beryllium’s accounts of this time:-
Beryllium spent the last three years trying to get back home (and he finally does it just in time to come and see his friends).
Beryllium joined Bill for a short time after the adventures with the elves and children when after one extremely boisterous drunken party back at Bill’s, Beryllium woke up on a flying ship (an old sailing type of pirate ship/galleon)that was in space. The ships heading was for the lost planet of Krynn. The Ship was piloted by a strange Halfling type creature call Tass, and a strange gnome who was a bit p*ssed off that all his inventions kept working, and the rest of the crew on board where all dwarves, very stupid and smelly dwarves. The dwarves kept chanting

“Now we have a human dragon, now we can go home.
Now we have a human dragon, now we can go home.
Now we have a human dragon, now we can go home.
Now we have a human dragon, now we can go home.
Now we have a human dragon, now we can go home.
Now we have a human dragon, now we can go home.”

All the time, day in and day out.

It turned out that the planet that these creatures came from had gone and moved whilst they were all running away from an evil goddess. The Gnome had made the ship for the small strange band of characters to travel through time and space in search of their home planet. But on visiting the realm of Tranquillity the Creature known as Tass (A Kender, he claimed to be) found out from some Monks that they must find another companion to allow them access back to their own planet, a Dragon that walks on two legs like a man or for want of a better phrase a human dragon.

After visiting several planets and asking several dragons to change form and walk around like a man and nearly getting eaten every time they asked the question. The party stumbled apone Farrun and the race of creatures known as Dragonborn. So the party watched the first Dragonborn creature they found and when he was blind drunk after only watching him for 6 hours, they shanghaied him onto their ship and got the hell out of dodge.

The group had loads of adventures over the next three years all trying to get home (And trying not to get killed by the antics of the Kender). Has it turned out they didn’t really need a dragon that walked as a man to get home, (the monk’s had just told them that to get rid of them) they just needed to find some ruby slippers, which the Kender borrowed from a funny old green lady.

But one thing still bothers Beryllium, why everyone kept calling Charlton and where always asking him where the Wheelies where?

Now after the rescue of the baby and with the building of Zonark keep Beryllium is building his army of the Purple Dragoon’s and is trying to build his fleet of flying ships like the one he was kidnapped onto some months ago.


Granted land to the far eastern edge of the Kingdom, Beryllium used this land to build Zonark Keep

The Purple Dragoon aka“Beryllium Dragoons” is an elite unit of the Purple Dragons.
To become part of the Dragoons you must be a Knight of the Purple Dragons (of a min Level of 5) with a preference and experience of melee combat.
The Dragoons are funded via the Dragons and by whatever treasure they find themselves (These guys are like our SAS).
This should be a new prestige class called “A Knight of the “Beryllium” Purple Dragoons”.
We don’t need to work any stuff out for this class as I’ve already got mine (Juggernaut), but a main feature of it should be something to do with doing amazing feats in combat like Rodeo Riding a Beholder or trying to KO a Roc whilst its air born and its holding you in its claws etc, etc. Powers could be called Take your brains out or Just Tw*t it.
These guys are melee based and have a berserk side to them, but not so much like a barbarian as its military trained into them.

The camp.
Should have a barracks, stables and a keep with all the normal stuff associated with it. The keep should not be too big and only have around 4 floors at the most.
The training ground should have climbing walls, fighting arena, and all the normal training ground equipment, but then a small dungeon training area where one team fights another. But the best bit should be the beholder tower. A water wheeled powered mechanical tower that a combatant starts at the top and has to try and insert a key into a ball that moves up and down and around within a tower (30ft diameter 80ft high). The walls have the odd bit of ladders to hold onto on the inside of the tower but these are sporadically placed, the floor to the tower is air cushioned via a huge pig skin balloon, and the exit door is located there too. The ball has mechanical holes (50+) that open at random (may be 1 to all of them at any time) and shoots a high powered jet of water. The ball is greased too. The combatant climbs to the entrance to the tower via a ladder on the outside of the tower and once he enters the door the game and clock starts. If the combatant insets the key and turns the ball off, he wins .
I was thinking that they should be around 30 fully trained Dragoons who act as leaders and teachers and then another 100 been trained at the camp and then another 400+ dragoon based all over the world.


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