Butcher Bill

William 'Butcher Bill' Longbottom


Bill is a rough and rugged looking man with dark shoulder-length hair that is not particularly well kept. The most distinguishing feature about him is the full face tattoo that he bears. Originally a Mark of Justice that he was branded with during his “young wild” days, the magic has now expired but he keeps the ink as a badge of honour….one of many scars he bears.

He is an exceptionally strong person, and keeps himself in the peak of fitness. He believes that skill and competence should take priority over appearance, as his life may depend on it on a daily basis. This becomes obvious in many ways and he possesses a foul tongue no matter how esteemed or fine the company he is in.

His favourite pass times are drinking, fighting and wenching. Ideally all three at the same time.


Pre-Game Background

Born in the whore pits of Athkatla, Amn, William Longbottom was not provided with the best of starts to life. He was exposed to lifes most depraved and desperate side from birth. His mother viewed him as an inconvenience to her business and he was left to defend for himself almost as soon as he could walk and talk.

With the Amn Shadow Thieves being the controlling organisation in Athkatla, Bill found himself a job doing whatever they asked of him and through his teenage years soon earned a reputation and a living as one of their hired muscles.

Eventually he grew restless and left Athkatla, taking up with a group of passing sell-swords. He worked with them for a couple of years and eventually became their leader, a role he found came naturally.

With a strong arm and skill with a sword he found that money was easy to come by. But with an appetite for enjoying life to the fullest, he also found that the money also went quickly too. This led him to adopt a personal rule that eventually came to change his life; only work for those that would pay him.

His subsequent ruthless decision to walk away from a village of farmers that were being attacked by undead eventually led to the village being slaughtered and his own men also being caught in an ambush by the undead with Bill being the sole survivor.

A cleric of Lathander found Bill after the battle and upon hearing of what happened he dubbed him Butcher Bill and branded him with a Mark of Justice. This divine ritual meant that Bill was compelled to offer his assistance to anyone that was under attack by creatures of a monstrous origin.

After this turning point, Bill was forced onto a less selfish path and began to learn that there was more to life than simply looking after his own needs and desires. The concepts of trust, honour and friendship were even revealed to him and opened now possibilities to his world.

Bill eventually found himself in Suzail and for the first time, working with a better standard of companion. Ones that had manners, morals and….hygiene. Together they named themselves the Hunters of the Fallen, named after the task their employer had given them.

Background between Campaign parts 1 and 2

After their success at rescuing the kidnapped child, Bill had a “Festhall” built on the road outside Suzail. It was a place that he would be able to receive free “accommodation” when he needed it and even free ale too.

The Festhall soon became established and it’s popularity rose quickly. The reputation of it’s “hostesses” were one of the contributing factors and it became a lively location where one could not only find all the “hospitality” that one could hope but, but also hire sell-swords and mercenaries of reasonably reliable reputation.

Bill even managed to form a small collection of professional soldiers that were available for hire. “Bills Brutes” as they became known were reputed to be efficient and lethal but surprisingly also reliable and relatively trustworthy. There was the occasional unwanted occurrence of greed or ruthlessness….the individuals were quickly either removed from the ranks though or snapped back into line.

Background between Campaign parts 2 and 3

With the land bestowed upon him, Butcher Bill (aka Lord William Longbottom) firstly had a small keep built a couple of hundred yards from his Festhall. It was somewhere to live and store all the treasures that he found on his adventures. The keep also included a small shrine to Shevarash.

He has also changed the dynamic of his private sell-sword group (Bills Brutes), operating out of his Festhall to be less mercenary and more acceptable by the authorities (seems as Bill is now regarded as one of the authorities). So Bills Brutes has been transformed into The Longbottom Academy of Arms, where soldiers and guards from surrounding cities can be sent to be trained in various techniques of attack and defence against the armies that attack the Cormyrian way of life.

It is viewed as quite a prestigious organisation where only the truly skilled are sent for advanced training. A place the royal guards or elite soldiers would go for training….not quite ninja-assassin level, but you know….advanced. Bill’s reputation, name and infamy helped this become successful.

On the land between his festhall and his keep, he encouraged his various employees and some merchants to settle down. He even encouraged them to build housing and provided support for the village of Longbottom to get established.

Also, with this lording-lark that was bestowed upon him, he found all manner of wenches, noble and otherwise throwing themselves at him legs-akimbo. Whilst it was initially fun it’s actually become quite tiresome and tedious. As such Bill has taken a vow of abstinence until such time as he has found himself a worthy wife.

He’s not entirely sure what kind he’s looking for….someone that’s not a push over, someone with some fire and grit. Someone that can impress him occasionally and that he can respect. Someone that will keep his life challenging and interesting. Possibly with a Shevarash connection but possibly not.

Possible aims for part 3 of the campaign

With all the organising and all that….administrative stuff, he’s itching to get out on the road again and test himself against some deadly creatures that he has never faced before. He has considered even taking a holiday trip back to his home of Athkatla in Amn one of these days….walk the old streets where he was a boy, cast an eye over the whore pits that once held so much wonder and potential and now seem…..well who knows how they now seem.

Butcher Bill

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