King Azoun VI

The monarch of Suzail recently betrothed to Princess Val-Kayar


King Azoun VI was criticised by many, for what was seen as a purely political marriage to Princess Val-Kayar. What is not understood by many is that although it was a political masterstroke, uniting the kingdoms of Cormanthor and Cormyr, both were absolutely besotted with each other.
In the short time of their marriage, they have had a fair share of troubles, with first their wedding being disrupted by the theft of the royal crown, kidnapping of the newborn son and most recently an attack within Suzail on the occasion of the young Prince’s naming ceremony.

Throughout this he has relied heavily on the Hunters of the Fallen, and is now being criticised for granting land and titles to low-born adventurers. On many occasions both he and his father in law Lord Val-Kayar initially had to defend the decisions he made to reward such loyal servants to the crown.

There are still some detractors, although the majority of the Nobles of Cormyr now accept, at least superficially, that the Hunters of the Fallen are here to stay.

King Azoun VI

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