Roberta Willowhill

A quiet human woman in her late teenage years. Employed as a Squire at the Longbottom Academy of Arms.


Roberta Willowhill is a reserved young human woman. Her quiet, introverted nature has meant that few people know much about her, her past or origins. She prefers it that way as it allows her to perform her duties without distraction.

She arrived at the village of Longbottom in the tow of her mother, who became a Festhall hostess. Roberta preferred to shy away from the noise and distraction of the Festhall and instead spent her time in the woodlands where she became quite adept at catching rabbits and game birds.

She also spent time watching the Academy students practising swordplay and when one student jokingly invited her to give it a try, she showed such natural talent that she was offered a squire position on the spot.

She has since developed nicely and her diligence to her duties combined with a quiet no nonsense approach has led to her gaining the nick-name Reliable Roberta…..or Bob.

Roberta Willowhill

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