Tarmel Illance

Thrill seeking turnshield of House Illance


Tarmel is the bastard child of Rancelair Illance.
He is apprenticing as a merchant for the family, and has been taken in and adopted by Rancelair.
Handsome, athletic and free with his coin he has become a regular at Bills Festhall, often having 4 of the ‘entertainers’ in his room at a time.
He has recently turned 18 and is unsufferably cocky with a quick temper and even quicker to draw his blade if he does not get his own way.

Tarmel is currently being held in the dungeons of Longbottom Keep after killing Rose Karras for, as he alleges, stealing his coin pouch while entertaining him.

Lord Longbottom is drafting a letter to the Illance family notifying them of his crime.

After the letter was received by the head of the Illance family, Tarmel was disinherited and as further punishment has been banished from the Kingdom of Cormyr.
The court gossip is that he blames Lord Longbottom entirely for his fall from grace and recent attacks on travelling lesser Nobles have been accredited to him by those who survived the attacks, which aren’t many, leading a gang of cut-throats.
Current whereabouts for him suggest that he has fled to Westgate


Tarmel Illance

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