Former noble turned hunter


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Brought up in the comfort and serene surrounding of Myth Drannor, Valen set out on an adventuring career, partly due to boredom, and partly because his affections had been spurned by the princess of court.

A chance meeting led him to become friends with the group that would go on to form the Hunters of the Fallen, and at first this life was much as Valen anticipated, full of daring do, treasure and renown. His Flashing blade style of fighting was often accompanied by a glib a wry smile and a glib remark as he fought the monsters of faerun.

This lifestyle was to change however when a thread from his past was to cross paths with him once more. The life of Princess Alusair and that of her child were put into danger due to a nefarious plot between the demon fey and the drow to release a great evil upon the world, the Hunters have been able to thwart these plans at every turn, however the cost has been high, with the tranquil community of singing falls bearing the brunt of the pain. An entire generation of elves was killed in a dark ritual.

This event has haunted valen, both in his dreams and thoughts, and this has brought upon changes both physically and mentally. his eyes have become almost black as has his hair, while is skin has lost its tanned luster and is now far paler. Mentally he is now far more morose and dedicated.

Valen has spent the last few years beating the drow at their own hunting and stalking them in the shadows, lightning strikes from the darkness against key drow targets. Valen gains no satisfaction in this grim task, but he is resigned to the fact that he has become a weapon of vengeance for the Elven god, Shevarash. He believes he will only gain peace when finally his guard slips and a drow bolt pierces his heart.

Recently however Valen has found a little jou in the rebuilding of singing falls, although the dark past of the place cannot be erased, the happy voices are starting to return and Valen often returns there to seek solace.


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