Circlet of the Fallen

5 matching circlets crafted for the Hunters of the Fallen by King Azoun VI



Wielders – Each ally in 20 squares
2: Gain Ally Call power.
2: Ally Resurgence item bonus to the reroll equal the number of circlets within range
4: Each ally in range gain +1 item bonus to Saving Throws
5: Each ally in range gain +2 item bonus to Initiative

Gain +2 to Diplomacy and Intimidate

When a creature wearing a circlet would spend a healing surge, that creature can allow an ally wearing a circlet to spend a healing surge instead.

Power (Encounter): Minor Action – Ally Call

Each Ally who bears a circlet within 10 squares can shift 1 square and draw a weapon/implement as a free action on their next turn.

Power (Daily): Free Action – Ally Resurgence

Trigger: You miss an enemy with an Encounter/Daily attack power
Action: You can reroll the attack with an item bonus equal to the number of circlets in range


The circlets were crafted under order of King Azoun VI as a gift to the Hunters of the Fallen when they rescued his newly married wife, Queen Alusair, from the clutches of the Daemonfey

Circlet of the Fallen

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