Invulnerable coat of Arnd

Gleaming chainmail with each link engraved in an unknown language


The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd
A suit of +2 chainmail.

Standard properties

You gain resist 5 acid, resist 5 fire, and resist 5 lightning.

You gain a +2 item bonus to saving throws.

Power (At-Will Divine, Weapon): Standard Action
You can use valiant strike (paladin 1).

Power (At-Will): Minor Action
Change one of the resistances granted by the armor to any of the following damage types:
acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, psychic, or radiant.
That resistance remains changed until you use the power to change it again.

Power (At-Will): Minor Action
Change the Invulnerable Coat into plate armor, scale armor, or chainmail.

Power (Encounter): Minor Action
You can spend a healing surge.

When Satisfied

Gain an additional +1 to AC

Gain a +2 bonus to Will defense against fear attacks

Power (Daily): Free Action
Gain 1 Action point


This gleaming chainmail once belonged to a poor cleric of a now forgotten god named Arnd, who fought to free his village from its tyrannical Baron. Legends suggest that a great artificer of the Earlanni Elves gifted the coat of chainmail to Arnd but the name of this Elf and the village which Arnd lived in is lost to history.

The chainmail became imbued by the clerics god in reward for the cleric’s fighting spirit and holy strength.
Throughout history the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd has appeared to those seeking to bring tyrants to a bloody justice while seeking to reclaim its ancient glory, the last rumour of the armour was over 500 years ago and nothing has been seen of it since.

The Invulnerable Coat thrives on danger, so it urges its wearer to take on increasingly difficult risks. The Invulnerable Coat’s not happy unless the wearer is throwing himself into battle. Planning and strategy aren’t high on the artifact’s list of priorities. It doesn’t communicate directly with its wearer, but its emotional state does rub off, so the owner feels elated in battle and despairs at defeat.

It is currently owned by Butcher Bill and Satisfied with its present owner.
Bill became aware of the additional powers when he was granted lands by King Azoun VI and felt the glow as the armour accepted Bill as its new owner.

Invulnerable coat of Arnd

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