Hunters of the Fallen

Chapter 3 session 4

At base camp Artemis ascertains Shadow magic, but can’t locate direction or purpose
Set off to node 14
Node, darkness all around
Obelisk 15 sided with arcane runes, Artemis unsure on detail but confident that this is generating the darkness.
Aldrick tapped with hammer, began humming which eventually died off.
Aldrick stayed to investigate the obelisk.
Lake – blood in water, clear 5 foot deep.
All very wary of it, Valen sticks fingers in seems just to be water.
Beryllium produced a broom stick from his glove and flew across to the island.
The Ziggurat is on an flat island, in the centre of the lake. Nothing is around except for grass, and there is a glass dome at the top.

Beryll flies back and reports that the Ziggurat is approx 200ft with a dome at the top on an island in the centre of the Death Lake, there is deeper water further out.
Artemis cast levitate, all roped and dragged across by Beryllium and his broom.
Bill notices on the way over that there are no signs of life in the lake at all.
As the heroes arrive on the Island, Valen has a look around for any prints and finds approximately 30 sets of prints, heading to steps and straight up and appear to have been here between 12 and 18 hours ago.
At the top all see the dome, with lights in the glass that Bill and Artemis confirm appear to match constellations with cracks in it. Floor below the dome about 15 feet down.
Some prints go down the other steps and back up, presumably as the earlier landers were looking for an entrance in. Bill also spots dried blood on the floor below.
Beryll teleports in, from up above Beryll appears to be noticeably smaller and from in the room the three stood around the top appear magnified and then all hell breaks loose.
Beryll throws a spear killing a Mutant Ape instantly – which howls in pain, this howl appears to incense the other apes.
Artemis investigates dome looking for way in.
Apes climb up and swarm around him angered from howling.

Bill shouts encouragement, Artemis eats pasties.
Gliders (black ones) climb out attacking Beryll with flyby attacks they stand approx 6 foot.

Bill heals Beryll.
Guardians who look to be about 12 foot (Rusty ones) attack Beryll from range.
Valen teleports down – massive damage with Crit on one guardian, nearly bloodied.
Beryll dragon breath – Guardians immune to Electricity, moves attacks both guardians and provokes AOO.
Artemis burst 2 – winged horde – 4 apes down, remaining 3 in a frenzy.
Apes hit Beryll, Gliders attack Valen
Bill Teleports in attacking a glider for 40 odd
Guardian attacks Valen, even though marked other guardian attacks Beryll and hits.
Valen finishes off the guardian with another Crit.
Beryll attacks guardian and follows through on the 2 apes, killing 1.
Artemis, (winged horde, or pasties?)
Ape attacks Beryll, misses (Bill does interrupt to allow Beryll to attack?)
Bill does the cunning plan Move round guardian, provoke (AOO hits, but the disorientation of the teleport causes it to miss) and use Driftmetal armour encounter power to teleport/swap places and avoid attack then complete move to gain flanking bonus. Miss with Reminiscent Assault
Guardian attacks Beryll, misses.
Valen moves to side of Beryll, kills Guardian with another crit.
Beryll charges glider, hits – it teleports and attacks him from behind.
Artemis, definite pasty moment.
Bill Move and Furious Assault glider, killing it before it can teleports behind him.
Valen attacks glider, howling griffon and Sohei flurry to kill it

Chapter 3 session 3

Head from Bills Festhall, through Waymoot, Beryllium caught up with the group at Waymoot.

Met up with a Stone Giant as crossing the mountain pass to the Marsh of Tun, who was barring the way and demanding tribute. The heroes gave their swords as tribute.
During the 6 seconds that the giant stayed on its feet, Valen arrived and contributed his blades to the giant as well.
Carried on riding through heavy rain, Artemis very kindly conjured a Tensers disc for Bill to keep him dry and the heroes made camp eventually, just as the sun was beginning to rise and they’d crossed the mountains and were on their way back down.
The rain continued through the dawn, despite the weather, Beryll took down a Mountain goat and skinned it so that when the rest woke they’d have some hot meat inside them.
As the heroes breakfasted, Bob did her squirely duties of packing up the canvas and all kit and getting the group ready for the road again.
They made it to the edge of the Marsh in the early afternoon, and headed straight in without pause into the mist that lay heavy on the marshes.
Valen stopped the group as he could see up ahead some kind of camp, Artemis announced that he would check out the camp, and after casting a few spells to aid him (fly and invisibility) went to investigate.
He came back to report a tribe of lizardfolk, in a rough encampment, who were in the middle of some kind of funeral rites as they appeared to have recently come under attack. Heading to the encampment to investigate the group attempted to parlay, but as the Lizardfolk chieftain threw a spear in challenge, Beryllium tried to intercept it with his own, missing it by a large enough motion that it was seen as a challenge.
With Artemis flying above the party, surrounded in light, the rest of the Lizardfolk had no stomach for the fight, and watched as their chieftain attacked the ‘god’ as he referred to Beryllium.
Besting the chieftain with ease, the shaman took the heroes to where the shadow-ones had gone choosing the disgraced and badly wounded chieftain as a bodyguard.
He stopped, and refused to go any further as up ahead was an unnaturally dark dome ahead.

Chapter 3 session 2
One rule for the rich...

Having insisted on at least a ‘light’ breakfast, finally the four Hunters prepare to leave the apartments in Suzail, Artemis’s manservant is gathering their belongings into the hallway when there is a rather frantic knocking on the door.
As the door is opened a travel-stained and exhausted looking Half-Elf staggers through the door. He immediately looks for Beryllium and upon seeing him, relays some odd news.
According to this rather unkempt squire, Percival, Zonark keep has been commandeered by the Purple Dragons – for what purpose he does not know, as General Mull dispatched him as soon as the order was given.
Beryllium, somewhat concerned by these matters, announces that he will go and demand an answer from Azoun as to what the hell he is playing at. Bill reminds him that the King is the King, and as such has the right to commandeer any and all property in the kingdom,

Beryllium turns and announces that he will catch up with the others at Bills Festhall once he’s sorted out the issue. Bill throws a parting shot about the dangers of having run up a gambling debt, but either Beryllium doesn’t hear or he ignores it as there are more pressing issues.


Somewhat puzzled, the three remaining heroes set off along the Golden Mile and out through the Kings Gate heading north. Artemis having brought a much reduced entourage of only ten, comprising only his favourite chef, two footrubbers and a few choice students to carry his belongings.

As they travel northwards, the sea-mist clears somewhat as they begin riding up the slight incline toward the Kings forest, passing a patrol of the Purple Dragons heading south. The captain of the patrol bids a good morning to Lord Bill and his two companions and asks that he pass on the patrols good wishes to his hostesses when he arrives home.
Artemis is somewhat put out by this lack of recognition, and takes his annoyance out on Johan Nevinson while praising Aldricks acceptance of the imagined slight to them both.
After a short lunch break as the entourage has rode ahead to set up a small pavilion and kitchens, with meats, pies, pastries and puddings prepared fresh by Bernard Ahara, Artemis’s travelling chef, the party again continue north.
As they get nearer to the Festhallthey ride past a party of adventurers who are travelling North towards the famed Festhall. Naturally Bill recommends it to them as a fine establishment noticing (as do all three) that one of the adventuring party, a female rogue is attempting to conceal herself in the trees off the main path.

Arriving at the Festhall, a cheer goes up from the stockade as they see their lord arriving, the gates are flung wide open and a bevy of young nubile ladies rush out to meet their lord, he tries, with little success to divert their attention to his two companions and the ten staff and acolytes that Artemis insisted on bringing. Numerous horses are in the stables and a couple of liveried coaches stand in the courtyard, Bill immediately recognising one of them as belonging to Tarmel Illance.
Striding into his Festhall, Bill announces to all that it is now happy hour, and drinks are two for the price of one. He immediately looks for Rose but she is not around and instead has Hostmaster Jarvis arrange a table for the three of them while he makes his rounds of the hall – one Halfling at the bar gives him pause, as he tries to recall where he recognises the face from, but before he can place the face, the Halfling drops down from the stool he is sat on and leaves the Festhall. Aldrick notices that the Halfling appears very surprised to see Bill, but doesn’t see his face for long enough to gauge anything else.
Bill ensures that his two guests are comfortable, instructs Hostmaster Jarvis to ensure that some entertainment is arranged and leaves to check on his keep.
Returning to his keep, he instructs Xanthos Borekko to prepare his best equipment as he will be away for three or four tendays, he also instructs him to select one of the squires to accompany him, finally settling on Bob.
Bill returns to the Festhall, arriving only a moment after the adventurers they passed on the road, to see that Jarvis has leapt on the fact that one of the party appears to be a bard, and has drafted him in for a performance. Looking for the (presumed) thief, Bill has a rather loud conversation with Jarvis purposefully within earshot of the young woman about ensuring that the wealthy noble (referring to Tarmel Illance) is continued to be plied with the strongest liquor as he always ends up spilling most of his coin, and what he doesn’t spill he leaves, he then points to the 1st floor booth ensuring that the young thief has seen exactly where he is pointing to before smiling to himself and rejoining his friends. He tells them of the helping hand he has given to a young struggling adventurer as he takes his seat and the bard Pangeon begins.
The highlight of Pangeons performance is him being announced by Hostmaster Jarvis, and it goes rapidly downhill from there, songs of Pelor, pious clerics and Shar are not appreciated by any of the patrons, and the bard has only just begun his second song before the first tankard is hurled in his direction. His friends watching from the bar bristle, and move their hands to their swords before the situation is defused by Jarvis ushering the bard of the stage and announcing, to a riotous cheer, that it is time for the dancing girls.
The dancing is reaching it’s climax, as a scream is heard from the balcony above, from the booth that Tarmel is in, Bill steps through a fey portal, arriving instantly at the curtain of the booth, Artemis makes a few small hand gestures, flies up into the centre of the room, casting his gaze on all to calm them, while Aldrick barrels his way through the crowd towards the stairs.
Pulling the curtain aside, Bill sees exactly what has happened. Tarmel Illance stands naked from the chest up, with his rapier drawn. Rose lies on the bed, stabbed through the heart and the sheets pooling in her blood. In the corner is Tarmels bodyguard – Drouth Krysinger.
Bill steps into the room, bristling with anger, ordering Tarmel to drop his weapon. Tarmel doesn’t fully comply, but does sheath his rapier while taking a step backwards.

Tarmels offer of a rather insulting 300gp for the loss of Bills property, is ignored, and his defense of having had his coinpurse stolen by Rose, is given equally short shrift.
Ordering Drouth out, Bill steps swiftly forward and with one precise blow to the jaw knocks the insufferable young Lord cleanly out.

The discussion that follows has Artemis suggesting that Bill just kills him and damn the consequences, even Aldrick says that if this was in his house, Tarmel would already be dead. Bill opts for the more political option of taking him to his dungeon so that he can be tried for the murder, suggesting that such a situation could be turned to his advantage and asks if Artemis can bring Rose back. Artemis immediately begins preparations for a raise dead ritual.

Bill calls time on the revelries downstairs, and as he and Aldrick are carrying the unconcious Tarmel out, they again spot the Halfling talking at length with Drouth. Phrases such as Justice must be done, immediately spark recognition for Bill, as this is Brantyr Longfellow the judge that branded him with a Mark of Justice in his youthful days in Amn.

Bill demands that Brantyster immediately brand Tarmel, but the halfling refuses until fair trial is done, citing the fact that Tarmel is a Lord and therefore must be judged by his peers – peers who are not his accusers. Angered by the obstructive nature of the halfling, Bill icily tells him that he was 2 hours to get out of Longbottom village, unless he also wants to be taken to the dungeon or worse.

Chapter 3 - episode 1

Valen is once again roaming the forests of the North, in the area of the destroyed Hellgate Keep. As night approaches he begins to make camp not even thinking of the various traps he is setting around, as such routine has now become second nature to him.
As he sits over the small fire he has made a thin, yet well muscled figure steps into the light of the small camp fire.
Dressed in a long flowing cloak that at first glance would appear to be a hindrance in this dense woodland the face of the intruder is hidden beneath a large, overly flamboyant, fedora.
In his black skinned hands he carries a large battleaxe holding it forward in a non-threatening manner, presenting the hilt in Valens direction.
“Greetings Master Valen”
As he places the axe on the floor and sweeping his hat in an extravagant bow.
“I come to return one of your comrades weapons that somewhat absent-mindedly he appears to have left in the throne room of Hastor”

Valen instantly recognises the intruder as Jarlaxle
Within the blink of an eye, Valen is on his feet, reaching for his swords at his side
“give me one good reason why I should not skin you alive where you stand and use that axe to remove that deceitful head clean from your shoulders?”

Jarlaxle takes a step back and looks to the dark of the trees.
“I will do better than that, I will give you three good reasons” He holds his hands out, pointedly away from his own blades, and flashes what could pass as a disarming smile.
“Firstly, I mean you no harm, those that were employing my men and I, are no more. So I no longer have quarrel with you, and indeed you and your friends have shown yourselves to be capable indeed. With your destruction of the House Dlardrageth you saved my fellows and I from a rather cruel betrayal” he smiles again, flasing white teeth “It was one that would have impressed many a matron, so I thank you” He bows again “I am also willing to give you the location of the last few remaining members of that House, for free”
“Secondly, I come with a most dire warning for you and your fellow ‘Hunters’, I believe this is what you are calling yourselves now” He looks again to the trees, smirks and continues
“Finally, and perhaps of most import to you, my men have this encampent surrounded and their handbows trained at your throat. Formidable foe though you have shown yourself to be I doubt even you can stand up to us all”

He pauses, cocksure in himself, “So, now we’ve dispensed with the pleasantries… may I sit?”

History of Faerun since 1372

Many climatic moments took place in this year. The Mythal surrounding Myth Drannor was broken by a combination of Demons, Fey-ri and with a substantial bit of meddling from the Zhentarim.
The Zhents managed to convince the forces of Sembia and the Dalelands that the Elves had deliberately done this, which led to war between humans and Elves. It was only thanks to a wise royal of Sembia that the deception was uncovered and jointly the humans and Elves drove back the demons.
Some sages believe that a brave band of adventurers were instrumental in driving back the forces of evil that arose in this year aided in part by a pit fiend. What this cost their souls has never been uncovered, though it is believed that they survived this encounter and lived happy and long lives in the most part.
The Rising Sun Isle is created in the middle of the Dragonmere, stories say that this was at the will of Lathander himself!
Morninglord Harwood begins construction of the Cathedral of Light on this new island.

DR1375 Cleansing of Myth Drannor was completed and the Elven Court was reestablished. In the desert of Anauroch, the shades returned which turned all eyes to the great wasteland.

DR 1376 Cormyr and the Dalelands began building a series of keeps on the borders of Anauroch in order to keep watch over the shades and protect the lands beyond.

DR 1381 The Elven court of Myth Drannor declared war upon Zhentil keep and the Zhentarim, in retaliation for the deception that nearly started a war between the humans and Elves. Construction of the Cathedral of Light is completed, and is the most majestic of temples in Faerun.

DR 1386 Zhentil keep is taken by the Elven court, and the Zhents are hunted. In the same year, the infant Azoun V comes of age and is crowned King of Cormyr.

DR 1387 The Fire Knives infiltrate the royal court of Cormyr and kill many of the leading nobles of Cormyr, including the regent Alusaiyr (think this is her correct name), Caladnei takes the new King into hiding.

DR 1392 Civil war erupts in Cormyr, as the nobles remaining and those nobles affiliated with the Fire Knives via for control of Cormyr. This later becomes known as the Abraxus Affair.

DR 1393 Seeing an opportuntity, Sembia begins a campaign against Cormyr in order to take over their lands.

DR 1395 Azoun V and Caladnei return from their exile of the Farsea Marshes leading an army of a ‘new’ race – the Dragonborn. While in hiding Caladnei and Azoun find the Purple Dragon in the alien glass structures deep in the Farsea marshes and he leads them to a chamber where an army of Dragonborn are in hiding.

DR1396 The Dragonborn under Azoun V push back the forces of Sembia and reclaim the lands of Cormyr for the crown again. Morninglord Harwood requests the assistance of Cormyr in ridding Westgate of the scourge of the Nightmasks and the Fireknives.

DR 1402 The Isle of the rising sun begins construction of a huge fleet of ships, paid for from the donations of countless pilgrims, and begins a clean-up campaign of the Pirate Isles.

DR 1408 First Red Wizard enclave allowed into Cormyr, they build a modest enclave outside the walls of Suzail.

DR 1411 Elminster and the Harpers make a pre-emptive strike against the shades of Anauroch, and are utterly destroyed. In retaliation the Shades unleash mighty destructive magic into the Dalelands, turning Shadowdale and Daggerdale into barren wastelands. All nations condemn the Harpers for their folly in attacking the Shades. As a result of this, the Bards of the realms become shunned.
The shades begin attacking any mage, or persons carrying magic into their realm.

DR 1428 The great desert that was Anauroch begins to become green again. In the same year a massed force of trolls, ettins and Giants emerge from the Trollmarsh and attack Waterdeep.

DR1435 Waterdeep finally strikes a bargain with the massed forces from the Troll marsh, and agrees to pay a yearly tithe to prevent any further attacks.

DR 1447 A drought strikes the Dalelands, the first of many, causing great suffering.

DR 1453 The Dragonborn are granted lands in the Dragon reach area and begin construction of their own City.

DR 1454 The Pirate Isles are cleared and are set up as a massive jail. Drow attack from underneath Myth Drannor, and take control, but only for 3 months before a combined force of Elves, Eladrin, Dragonborn and Humans retake the halls.

DR 1476 The Zhentarim reemerge, led by an unknown mage called Kerfoy in Vaasa.

DR 1498 a great fire rages through the forests in the dalelands, and it is only by powerful magic that it doesn’t burn up the entire forest. Demonic forces are suspected, but this is never confirmed.

DR1501 A wedding between the human king of Cormyr Azoun VI and the an Elven princess of court of Myth Drannor is announced. This is the current year.

This is the history up to the start of the original campaign, rest to be added

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