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  • Suzail

    The capital of [[Cormyr]] the mercantile and political centre of the kingdom and also the seat of the Royal Court. h5. COMING SOON Important Noble Families of Cormyr. Rumours

  • Cormyr

    Known as the Forest Kingdom and the Land of the [[Purple Dragon]], is an independent nation in Interior Faerûn. It was historically one of the most prosperous countries of Faerûn. The country was one of the first places in Faerun where the new race of …

  • Princess Alusair Val-Kayar

    Princess Alusair spent much of her early life in the Royal court of [[Cormanthor]]. Although her father [[:lord-val-kayar | Lord Val-Kayar]] had her educated by the finest scholars available, as a young girl there was a certain rebellious streak and she …