Letter to Baron Xhalth



I leave you in charge of the remaining troops and our Drow guests.
The circle and portals are safe, but take care not to overuse the circle, as our Lord Master is none to fond of those who cannot think for themselves.
From experience it would seem that it is safe to perform the ritual once per lunar cycle, no more. If you do need to request aid more often than that, just ensure that you have plenty of bodies between whichever cretin you persuade to lead the ritual and yourself. With luck the troops and Drow may be enough for the messenger to tire, though I doubt this.
I myself was sorely tested the last time I made such an error in judgement.
I heavily recommend performing a banishing ritual beforehand. Now this is not to make you pure in spirit. It’s about clearing and focusing your mind so that you don’t unfairly impose any of your ideas upon what the demon is trying to communicate to you
Take your place in the circle and have three assistants occupy the circles. Make sure that you occupy the circle facing the direction of our lords original homeland.
The other 3 circles are necessary for the emissary to appear. You can use less but the life force taken from each will be all the greater, with 3 assistants you should be safe.
Then begin the chant
“From the Lord of the Fourth, I summon aid in the name of House Dlardrageth,”
“To the enemy of Geryon and Moloch, I ask a question on behalf of House Dlardrageth”
“From the Father and Daughter, I request an answer In the name of House Dlardrageth”
Once you are able to discern the presence of the demon, stand forward and politely, yet firmly state the following: “I stand here with you, O gracious messenger of our Lord united by our bond with our Lord and Master. By this bond I swear to be truthful to you and honor all agreements made. Do you swear by our shared bond with the true Prince of Hell to be truthful to me, and honor all agreements with me to the best of your ability?”
Now wait for a response (which you may divine as you wish), if the response is positive, continue.
Once the Demon has agreed then, and only then, may you ask your question
Once you have your answers, meet with me at the court of Hastur.

Do not tarry too long, these hunters of the fallen may be craven cowards but they are not completely incompetent

Where found

This letter was found in a study underneath Ascalhorn.

Letter to Baron Xhalth

Hunters of the Fallen Biggles