Zonark Keep

Zonark Keep is on the land newly granted to Beryllium Zonark at the far Eastern edge of the kingdom of Cormyr. It is also the training place of the Purple Dragoons.

Lord Beryllium, Field Marshall of the Purple Dragoons is the lord and commandeering chief of the armies of the Purple Dragoons, an elite army unit of crack melee warriors recruited from the ranks of the Purple knights or are warriors of renown for great feats of valour against overwhelming odd with a dash off flare added into the mix. A prime example of this would be to follow the acts of Lord Beryllium who rodeo rode a Beholder in the middle of combat, tried to KO a Roc that had grappled him in its claws with his bare hands whilst the Roc was in flight, battled Dracoliches and Giants alike.

Zonark Keep is the home to the Purple Dragoons, the Keep acts as home, and training grounds to the armies of Lord Beryllium. The training the warriors undergo extremely physical and the training grounds are known as “The Dragoon Wreckers” whilst the main training/testing tower is simply known as “The Tower” but the test one must take within the tower is called taking “The Beholder “.

Only the brave will survive.

The Keep and Training Grounds are run on a daily basis by General Mull a Minotaur Warrior of renown and skill with all weapons, feared by all who oppose him.
General Mull was one of the first to join the Dragoons and quickly moved up the ranks within the core and his ability to get the best out of his men has led him to be one of the most valued members of the army. He is extremely loyal to his Lord Field Marshall Beryllium as are all who sever Beryllium.

Beryllium is obsessed with the flying galleon he was shanghaied onto by the kender Tassaloff, and has appointed one of his Knights as Admiral and tasked him to build him a fleet of flying war galleons.

The Armies of Lord Beryllium are growing, Cormyr is Beryllium’s home and he in turn is loyal to his friends, his country and his King.

Only the foolish dare to anger him.

Zonark Keep

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